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Aggreg8 Coaching is holistic and primarily focuses on business and work success. As we start a coaching relationship, we establish concrete outcomes which we use to measure our success. We don't coach because things are wrong, we coach because people need soundboards, and when we reflect, things change.

NZD 195 /session

Employee Coaching Icon
Employee Coaching
  • Outcomes based
  • One-on-one
  • Face-to-face or virtual
  • 360 Feedback

NZD 295 /session

Leader Coaching Icon
Leader Coaching
  • Leader framework oriented
  • One-on-one
  • Face-to-face or virtual
  • 360 Leader assessment

NZD 495 /team session

Team Coaching Icon
Team Coaching
  • Outcomes based
  • Group confidentiality
  • Connection and trust
  • Peer feedback

NZD 2495 /person

Coach the Coach
Coach the Coach
  • Certified Aggreg8 Coach
  • 10 Dedicated Sessions
  • Resources and Tools
  • Ideal for People Leaders
The 5-Hill Journey

What Aggreg8 Coaching is

Coaching by Aggreg8 is a five-step (Referred to as 5-Hills) journey in which a professional coach supports a coachee achieve a specific personal or professional goal. It starts with an informal conversation where the coach and coachee establish outcomes, expectations and readiness for the programme. Being ready is essential, and unwelcomed coaching hardly works.

With the outcomes agreed and sessions booked, the 5-Hill journey starts (Connect, React, Own it, Invent Fulfil). Every coaching session runs this methodology, but throughout the entire coaching lifecycle, the coachee follows a similar 5-Hill transformation through learning to connect, exploring reactions, acting through accountability, inventing new ways of working and measuring fulfilment.

This methodology, in various reiterations, has been the foundation of many transformations in this world. Aggreg8 have taken this learning curve and moulded the principles into a coaching framework with unprecedented success.

We underpin our coaching methodology through an eco-system of 360 assessments, aptitude and other behavioural types of testing.

How it works

Feedback Received
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"Taking part in this coaching helped me deal with so many of the things I thought was impossible to solve. I became aware of all the stuff I need to work on. This programme is really beneficial!".
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"My coach has a unique ability to quickly understand and help me discover my strengths. The coaching has a profound effect on everyone who attends it by allowing them to develop their own self awareness."
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"The coach is excellent. She leads by example and shows much empathy. I've learned the importance of not hiding from my fears and take accountability for my thoughts."
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"The team gave me clarity on many of the things I have been struggling with for years. Being part of a group that listens while I speak helps, especially when the feedback is powerful and encourages me to take back the control I've lost."

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